Mastercard Send for cross-border payments

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The future of cross-border transfers has arrived

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Enhance your cross-border services with a fast and smart solution

icon global network

Secure global network

Reach more than three billion bank accounts in about 100 countries, as well as multiple end-points including mobile wallets and cash-out locations across the globe. The service is backed by the Mastercard network, which features robust capabilities and enhanced security, through a single connection.

icon  customer experience

Better customer experience

Financial institutions and their end users benefit from greater transparency, enhanced security and faster delivery.

icon pricing control

Pricing control

Mastercard Send provides financial institutions with greater control of branding and pricing, which can improve margins and generate savings.

icon procurement and legal

Streamlined procurement and legal

Financial institutions do not need to sign and maintain contracts with multiple entities, saving time and costs.

icon simplified settlement

Simplified settlement

Mastercard provides an integrated, streamlined settlement gateway for all payments, regardless of the destination or distribution channel.

icon scompliance

End-to-end compliance

The integrity of the transaction is central to our service, with a comprehensive compliance framework in place.

How it works

One single, secure connection to Mastercard Send for cross-border payments provides financial institutions with reach to more than three billion bank accounts and to over 100 countries, and growing. The Mastercard Send network is multichannel and use-case agnostic. The same connection is used to process any type of payment, be it P2P, B2P, B2B or G2P.


Mastercard Send for cross-border payments API

Originating Institution | Mastercard | Receiving

Speedy implementation is made possible thanks to a strong API supported by Software Development Kits available in multiple programming languages.


Mastercard Send cross-border global footprint

Provides reach to more than 137 end-points across approximately 100 countries, and growing


global fooprint

Markets as of March 2018

Mastercard Send is ready to work for you

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